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End of Year Update 2005

We hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and that they will have a great Saturday night welcoming in the New Year.

Although Swim Club is in recess for the holidays there is still plenty happening. Sherrie Eadie competed in 4 events at State Open and swam a PB in her 50m Free and achieved 2 4th placings, Sherrie's next major meet will be the Australian Open Championships in Melbourne.

Our State Representatives - Andrew, Rebecca, Matt, Sean and Justin - will be competing in January so we wish them well in their individual and relay events.

Swim Club will resume on Friday 3rd February and we hope to see everyone there for what is always a very exciting time of the year with School swimming, Summer Metros and our own hotly contested Summer Club Championships.

There are several meets which we will be targeting for our swimmers to attend (if possible). They are BSC Rockdale Australia Day meet 26th Jan, Cronulla 4th Feb, Engadine 11th Feb, SLCA 12th Feb and Speedo Sprint heats at Bexley 18th Feb. The Australia Day and Cronulla meet entries close prior to swim club returning. An email with more details will be sent to al club members within the next few days as we would like to ensure a good attendance from club members for both these meets.

Finally, please stay safe and we will see you next year!!!

Club Night Report - 9th December 2005

54 swimmers attended this night which is a great roll up for the last swim night in 2005. There were 16 IM PB's, 14 Freestyle PB's and a huge 27 Breaststroke PB's.

Congratulations to Sheldon Fisher, Anton Nikulin, Timothy Weston and Nicholas Jackson who all swam a fantastic 100% PB rate on the night. This really is a wonderful achievement from these 4 boys who have consistently improved all season. Sheldon only came to club at the end of Winter season and he is constantly chipping away at his PB's and swimming his absolute best on a club night. Anton is a new member who joined up after swimming a few visitor swims in Winter. Anton is really moving up through the ranks and is now finding himself in some of the fastest heats on club nights. Timothy is also one of our new members this season. Tim regularly features in our updates of Top 10 Pointscorers in our monthly newsletters and is one of our wonderful bunch of 7 year old swimmers who should have a great school swimming season ahead of them when they burst onto the scene as "8" year olds. 9 year old Nicholas is one of our most outstanding success stories. Nick is in an age group where the competition, both within club and at external meets, can be red hot - but he just gets in there and swims his PB's, often without the accolades that the medal winners receive. Tonight Nicholas swam a 4 sec PB in his 100m IM, progressed to the next distance in his Breaststroke and swam his first 39 sec 50m Freestyle swim - always a momentous occasion!

Aidan Fisher, Taleisha Garland, Nicole Bertovic, Kyle Druery, Cameron Libro, Nicholas Garland and Joel Walker all swam 2 PB's on the night. Joel had another great evening and swam into the all time top 5 ranks as a 7 year old in his 50m Free and 100m IM. Congratulations also to Andrew Kennedy who broke his own 50m Breaststroke record by over a full second!

Thank you to Tomas Noll, Terry Noel, Jenny Noel, Wayne Druery and Alex Cox for all leading a 9 swimmer relay team. It was Jenny's idea that the first leg was butterfly! Lane 4 won but everyone was a winner on this night. We hope everyone enjoyed the BBQ and the lollies.

Good luck to our Sherrie Eadie at State Open next weekend.

Hurstville Aquatic Swim Meet Report - 4th December 2005

Kelie Hickman, Ross Hickman, Anna Boland, Kurtis Smith and Rebecca Kennedy attended this meet. Our best wishes go to Cassandra Blake who was not well enough to attend. We hope you get better soon Cassie.

Our swimmers had an absolutely sensational afternoon. Every swimmer won at least one medal and they collected 13 between them. Rebecca Kennedy had a great afternoon, winning all her events. Kurtis Smith also had a great meet swimming 3 PB's and winning 2 Gold medals. Kellie Hickman took 7 seconds off her 100m IM,  swam 5 PB's and won 3 medals. For Anna Boland it was her first ever swim meet. Anna swam 100% PB's and won a bronze medal in her Freestyle. It was a dream debut. Ross Hickman took out 3rd place in the 50m Fly with a PB swim.

It was nice to see big brother Izaak arrive in time to cheer on his younger brother who really did swim some amazing PB's. 7 yr old Kurtis took 6 seconds off his 25m Breaststroke to win the event in a nail biter and then went on to swim a PB Fly and place 4th in the 8/u event.

SLOTT Meet Report - 3rd December 2005

Sean McFarlane-Bentley, Matt Spence, Andrew Kennedy, Elise Newman and Barbara Efremova attended this meet. All swimmers were seeking to attain or improve their State entry times. Andrew again had an awesome meet with all swims being LC PB's. Andrew took 4 seconds off his 200m Free PB and missed a National Breaststroke qualifying time by less than a second. Matt Spence swam 3 PB swims and finally got that State time he has been chasing forever! Elise Newman came back from a 2 week holiday and still managed to swim 2 PB's.

Club Night Report - 2nd December 2005

It was an evening to be grateful that we have a roof! The lightning show was very spectacular for our Backstroke events. Tonight we had 22 backstroke PB's, 20 Butterfly PB's and 15 freestyle PB's. Andrew Kennedy and Matt Spence broke their age Backstroke records in an exciting race which saw Matt move well into the All Time Top 10 50m Backstroke list.

Joel Walker and Izaak Smith moved into the top 5 lists with some exciting swims in the Fly and Free respectively. Sherrie Eadie dazzled everyone with her Telstra Dolphins swimming cossie and swam some of her best times in a long while with an exciting PB in her 50m Free.

Tonight the following swimmers swam 100% PB's - Braydon Antonich, Belinda Bertovic, Liam Beilby, Jack Cullen and Kurtis Smith. Liam swam a sensational 5 second PB in his 50m Fly and Jack Cullen is thoroughly enjoying his run of PB's of the last few weeks.

The following swimmers all swam 2 PB's on the night - Joshua Antonich, Nicole Bertovic, Sheldon Fisher, Grace Goman, Matt Spence, Izaak Smith, Anton Nikulin, William Boland, Amy Walker, Timothy Weston and Aidan Fisher.

Congratulations to Jedd Felice who swam his school swimming carnival and won the Freestyle and placed in the Junior Breast, Fly and his first ever 200m IM. Well done.

Please remember that we will be having relays and a Christmas BBQ at the end of swim club next week on the 9th.

Club Night Report - 25th November 2005

Congratulations to our swimmers who made it on to our Top 5 List tonight, and to those who set new club records.

Andrew Kennedy and Alex Cox swam the 2 fastest ever 100m IM swims at our club in a very exciting race and Andrew also lowered hic own 100m Free record. Joel Walker had a sensational night breaking both the 50m IM and 25m Breaststroke records. Matt Spence set a new 13 yr 100m record. Congratulations also to Amy Mason and Jedd Felice on entering our top 5 in the Free and Breaststroke respectively.

Club Night Report - 18th November 2005

Tonight we had a huge turn out - it obviously makes a difference when the surf carnival is a local one! There were 27 Freestyle Pb's, 33 Backstroke PB's and 22 Butterfly Pb's. Jack Cullen swam his first sub 40 backstroke and 7 yr old Joel Walker swam a 42 in his 50m Free. Joel also narrowly missed the 7 yr old 25m backstroke record and became our 3rd fastest 7 yr old Butterfy swimmer.

The following swimmers all swam 100% PB's on the night - Alex Bielby, Kyle Druery, Curtley Duncan, Nicholas Garland, Luke Hickel, Jared Hickel, Lachlan Hurst, Adam Verrender and  Belinda Bertovic.

Nicole Bertovic, Renee Druery, Taylah Felice, Aiden Fisher, Kurtis Smith, Hayden Thurbor and Tim Weston each swam 2 Pb's on the night.!

Ripples St Marys Meet Report - 12th November 2005

Andrew Kennedy and Matt Spence attended this meet. In what was a long day, Andrew won 4 Gold medals , 1 silver and 1 Bronze medal. Matt swam PB's in his 100m and 200m Backstroke

Club Night Report - 11th November 2005

Tonight our swimmers swam 26 Breaststroke PB's, 20 Freestyle PB's and 18 IM PB's.

Kyle Druery had a sensational night of swimming tonight. Kyle swam a huge 100m IM PB to move into the "All Time Top 5" 9 yr old 100m IM swimmers - last week he became the 4th fastest 9 yr old 50m Butterfly swimmer the club has ever had. Kyle also swam 100% PB's on the night.

Other swimmers to swim 100% PB's were Braydon Antonich, Alex Beilby, Adam Verrender, Tim Boland, Sheldon Fisher and Nicholas Garland. Swimmers with 2 PB's on the night were Nicole Bertovic, Aidan Fisher, Jack Cullen, Elise Newman, Cassandra Blake, Jeremy Pagluvic, Curtley Duncan, Jessica Gann, Ross Hickman and Liam Beilby.

Welcome back to Sherrie and Michael Eadie!

Peakhurst 9/u Meet Report - 5th November 2005

Jedd Felice, Nicholas Jackson, Kyle Druery, Renee Druery, Amy Walker, Joel Walker, Aidan Hurst, Rohan Hurst and Jack Harrison represented our club at this meet. Our swimmers won 4 Gold medals, 6 Silver medals and 3 Bronze medals and recorded a 60% PB rate.

Joel Walker had an outstanding afternoon, winning 4 Gold medals, swimming 3 PB's and narrowly missing the 7 yr 25m Freestyle record. Jedd Felice swam 3 events and won the silver medal in each event. Amy Walker won 3 silver medals and Kyle Druery won 3 Bronze medals.

Some of the most sensational swimming did not result in any medals but the PB's were huge. Jack Harrison swam 3 PB's and took 3 seconds off his backstroke PB and 8 seconds off his Butterfly PB. Nicholas Jackson swam 3 PB's and took 2 seconds off his Backstroke PB, 7 seconds off his Butterfly PB and 8 seconds off his Breaststroke PB. Nicholas has now lowered his 50m Butterfly PB by 22 seconds since August this year.

Rohan Hurst's goggles broke early in the 50m Freestyle and he has to be commended on his brave swim for the rest of the race where he finished only a few seconds off his PB. Rohan then swam the 50m Breaststroke without goggles and swam a 4 sec PB.

Congratulations to all our swimmers on their great swimming and conduct this afternoon. Thank you to our coach Terry Noel for being there to support our swimmers.

Club Night Report - 4th November 2005

Congratulations to Cassandra Blake, Nicholas Garland and Adam Verrender who all swam 100% PB's on the night.

The following swimmers swam 2 PB's - Jack Cullen, Jedd Felice, Taleisha Garland, Grace Goman, Travis Jemmeson, Katelyn Kishawi, Izaak Smith, Kurtis Smith and Tim Weston.

Congratulations also to Katelyn Kishawi and Hayden Lohman, our Junior and Senior Swimmers of the month. Happy Birthday to Katelyn Kishawi and Kurtis Smith and thank you to Diane Kishawi for giving everyone some of Katelyn's birthday cake tonight.

St George Sutherland District Meet Report 29-30th Oct 2005

Time Boland, Elise Newman, Barbara Efremova, Andrew Kennedy, Sean McFarlane-Bentley, Matt Spence, Rebecca Kennedy and Justin Riley represented our club at this meet. The official results are not yet available.

It was unfortunately a very low representation from our club for a meet which has traditionally been a highlight of our calendar. However the 2 day format just didn't suit our swimmers who who have a large variety of other sporting commitments - cricket, tennis, gymnastics, surf lifesaving etc.

Most of our swimmers attended on the Saturday and there were some good results. For Timothy Boland this was his first swim meet and he swam in 4 races, won 4 ribbons and/or medals and swam 3 PB's. Elise Newman represented our club for the first time and swam a number of PB's.

Andrew Kennedy won 4 of his championship events and was 2nd in the 100m Fly. Matt Spence was 3rd in the 100m Back. Rebecca Kennedy was 2nd in the 100m Breaststroke and took a further 2 sec off her PB.

Once again the relays at the end of the day were a highlight for our club. Our boys 14/u Medley relay team (made up of 13 and 12 yr olds) finished in 3rd position. The boys then immediately backed up for a swim in the Open 4x50m freestyle relay. This was just meant to be a hit out as practice for state but, at the end of the day, they produced some of their best swimming and held off a fast finishing team from Cronulla to win 3rd place again. Well done boys.

Club Night Report 28th October 2005

We would like to extend a huge welcome to our new members who have now joined our club on completion of their 2 visitor swims.

Tonight there were 12 Freestyle PB's, 17 I.M PB's and 20 Breaststroke PB's. 100% PB's were swum by Anna Boland, Kyle Druery, Katelyn Kishawi, Izaak Smith and Timothy Weston. Timothy actually had such a great night in the pool that he told his dad that he really loved it and wanted to do swim club every day! That would be a new one for the suggestion box!

It was great to have a visit from Garry, our former coach who returned to his real job as a geologist. Having Garry watching from the sidelines gave Alicia Rigby the impetus to swim a Breaststroke PB. Hayden Lohman continued his great run of form with a PB in his 100m IM even with a pause after the backstroke to adjust his goggles which were full of water. Kuepper Weir started the night well with a 5 sec PB in his 100m Individual Medley. Izaak Smith swam his first 200m IM in a sizzling time. Izaak, Kelly Hickman and Rebecca Kennedy all made a great race of it and all 3 swimmers swam IM PB's.

Thank you to everyone who came and offered to help on the race desk when they noticed that we were snowed under. The parking situation was very difficult which meant that entries were still coming in after 7pm. The offers of assistance were very appreciated by Debbie and it will be great to have new people learn the procedures in the race desk. Once again, a big thankyou to our coach Terry Noel for the encouragement and support he gives to our swimmers on club nights.

Good luck to our small team of swimmers who will be attending the summer District meet over the weekend.

Club Night Report 21st October 2005

We had another huge night tonight with nearly 60 swimmers having at least 3 swims each all in an hour and a quarter! Tonight we had another 11 visitors swimming and we hope you enjoyed your evening. Welcome back to Travis Jemmeson who had winter season off.

Tonight Our swimmers swam 19 Freestyle PB's, 15 backstroke PB's and 13 Butterfly PB's. The following swimmers swam 100% PB's: Tim Boland, Taylah Felice, Nicholas Jackson, Hayden Lohman and Travis Jemmeson.

The following swimmers all lowered their PB's by over 3 sec in the following 50m events: Jedd Felice (Fly), Taylah Felice (Fly), Travis Jemmeson (Fly, Hayden Lohman (Back and Fly), Joel Walker (Back) and Harrison Wiles (Back)

A special mention goes to 9 yr old Nicholas Jackson who swam a 3 second PB in his 50m Backstroke and a huge 6 sec PB in his 50m Butterfly. Nicholas has now taken 16 seconds off his 50m Fly in 2 months!

Thank you to our parents who help us out with timekeeping every week. This season we have had a variety of families offer with these duties and you are very appreciated. Thankyou to the Smith and Boland families who have both time kept on only their second night with our club.

Lastly, a special mention and congratulations to Rebecca Kennedy who achieved a State qualifying time (and Bronze medal) in the 10 yr 100m Breaststroke at the Ryde meet last weekend.

Club and Rego Night 14th October 2005

Wow, what a night. I would like to congratulate all our parents for being so well organised with their registrations as it made the whole process run very smoothly. Also, Debbie and Sue ran an amazing race desk on the night with over 20 visitors amongst the 60 swimmers who arrived to start the season with us.

Tonight there were 9 Freestyle PB's, 8 Breaststroke PB's and a huge 17 Individual Medley PB's. This is probably a reflection on the fact that we run the IM first in Summer so the kids are fresh for that race and it showed in their times. Those IM PB's were also very substantial. Renee Druery took an amazing 20 seconds off her 50m IM time. Amy Walker was next best with a 10 second PB in her IM. Another 10 swimmers took over 4 sec off their previous IM PB's. They were Jedd Felice, Ross Hickman, Rebecca Kennedy, Cassie Blake, Lachlan Hurst, Jessica Gann, Keelan Hurst, Nicholas Jackson, Harrison Wiles and Joel Walker.

Jedd Felice had a great night and swam 100% PB's. We hope that all our visitors enjoyed their evening and we look forward to having you back with us next week. Thank you again to our coach Terry Noel for all his support and encouragement - and those lollies!

Summer Season 2005 - 06 Fees

The fees for the season commencing 14 October and finishing with a Presentation Night on 7th April 2006 are as follows:

1st Swimmer in a family $75

2nd swimmer in a family $65

3rd swimmer in  a family $55

4th and subsequent swimmers $45

All swimmers aged 6/u for the purposes of Club Championship (age as at 25th Mar 2006) will receive a $20 discount.

The above fees are inclusive of NSW Swimming Registration fees, all swim cards, championship night entries, swim centre entry for all family members and spectators, Presentation night BBQ etc.

NSW Development Meet Report - 25th September 2005

Kyle Druery, Kelly Hickman, Cassandra Blake and Cameron Libro from our club represented St George Sutherland District at this meet. Most of the swims were PB's (72%) which was excellent. Great swimming everyone.

Presentation Night Report 16th September 2005

I am sure that everyone would agree that we had a fantastic night to celebrate our swimmers' achievements and to also celebrate our swim club's 10th birthday.

It was wonderful to see Alex Cox, Rob Sharp and Kate Sharp receive their watches in recognition of 10 years membership with the club. We even managed to get Meagan on the phone at State to congratulate her on her 10 years and it was a special moment when all the swimmers shouted a loud "good luck!" - she heard it! Alex's impromptu speech was a highlight of the night. It reminds us parents that our children really do spend a large part of their childhoods in and around the pool and as a swim club we have to keep this in mind every time we make a decision. So to hear Alex speak with such warmth of his feeling for the swim club that he has been part of since he was 8 years old was extremely rewarding.

Congratulations to the winners of this season's Emperor Penguin awards Justin Riley took out the Senior award whilst Kyle Druery and Rebecca Kennedy were joint winners of the Junior award. These awards are decided by a secret committee vote and the winners are always very worthy recipients. Congratulations to all of you

The Rookie of the Season awards were a very difficult decision this year as we had an influx of very talented swimmers. The awards were given to 7 year old Joel Walker and 8 year old Jack Harrison. Joel had a sensational championship series and took out 5 events. Joel has also done very well at the meets he has attended this winter and was a valuable relay member at the Nepean meet. Jack has been more of a quiet achiever but he came through to win his age championship and swam some excellent PB's. Congratulations to both Joel and Jack.

Thank you to the parents who manned the BBQ and to those who cleaned up afterwards.

Thank you also to Watchworks at Miranda and to Video Ezy at Miranda/Kareela  for their support for the 10 year presentations and the raffle.

MLC Marlins Meet Report - 4th September 2005

Kyle Druery, Rebecca Kennedy and Justin Riley attended this meet. They had a rewarding day with Rebecca achieving a State time in the 10yr 50m Breast and Justin adding the 100m Free to his other swims at State bringing his total to 5. Kyle Druery and Justin Riley were our medal winners on the day with Kyle taking out both the 9 yr 50m and 100m Butterfly events (not bad for his first ever 100m Butterfly!) and Justin winning the silver in the 12 yr 200m IM.

Championship Night No. 2 Report - 2nd Sept 2005

Tonight there were 63 PB swims (20 freestyle, 20 Butterfly and 23 Backstroke PB's in all).

This is quite remarkable given the number of children who are either the walking wounded, coming down with something or having just recovered(?) from something. Congratulations to all our swimmers who gave it a go even though they were not at their best and get well soon to Cassie and Ross who could not attend at all.

4 club records were broken tonight. These records are getting increasingly more difficult to break. Congratulations to Andrew Kennedy and Justin Riley who have both made it into the all time Top 10 list at the age of 12!

Kristen McAree, Renee Druery, Nicholas Garland and Kuepper Weir all had a brilliant night and swam 3 PB's each! Aidan Hurst, Daniel Davis, Tyson Davis, Elizabeth Geraghty, Taleisha Garland, Logan Weir, Nicholas Jackson, Taylah Felice, Harrison Wiles, Rohan Hurst, Joel Walker, Sarah Ryan, Jessica Gann, Jack Harrison, Barbara Efremova and Katelyn Kishawi all swam 2 PB's on the night. Phew, did I miss anyone?

This season we were very fortunate to have an influx of families with younger children and these kids have been unreal. A few of them, Joel Walker and Jack Harrison, have already made it onto our all time top 5 list. These lists will be available on the noticeboard and they make for very interesting reading. Cameron Libro is another newcomer who had already made it onto the list in his best event, the backstroke!

Thank you to the parents who performed jobs on the 2 Championship nights. We couldn't do it without you.

Inswim Meet Report 28th August 2005

Conor Davis, Daniel Davis, Andrew Kennedy, Rebecca Kennedy, Cameron Libro, Kyle Druery, Justin Riley and Brigitta Schyns attended this meet today. The big news of the day is that Kyle Druery is our club's newest first time State qualifier. Kyle achieved this by taking 3 sec off his 50m Fly and also winning the silver medal in the event. Kyle has actually taken 5 seconds off his 50m Fly time in the last 3 weeks which is a sensational effort. Congratulations!

Other medal winners on the day were Daniel Davis who won a bronze medal in the 7 yr 50m Back in a PB time and Andrew Kennedy and Justin Riley who won another 7 medals between them (Andrew x 4 and Justin x 3).

Rebecca Kennedy had a mixed day which saw her swim a 50m Breast PB but fall short of a State qualifying time by .03sec, and the same in her 50m Back which was another PB swim but was .11 short of that elusive State qualifying time.

Cameron Libro continues his great run of form with another PB in his 50m Fly. Cameron only took up swimming this year and is steadily climbing through the ranks - or in swimming club terms, finding himself waiting longer in marshalling and further down the bench on club night!

Championship Night No. 1 Report - 26th August 2005

6 club records were broken tonight (Andrew Kennedy x 2, Tomas Noll x 1, Alex Cox x 1, Lauren Smith x 1 and Meagan Cox x 1). It was great to see Meagan (back from Canada), Alex (back from QLD) and Lauren (back from Sylvania!!!) all join Tomas in what they called their "celebrity race"

Tonight there were a huge 22 Breaststroke PB's, 22 Freestyle PB's and 14 PB's in the Individual Medley. Swimmers who swam 3 PB's on the night were Joel Walker, Amy Walker, Kyle Druery and Jack Harrison.

There were some great PB's including Jack Harrison who a took a massive 12 sec off his IM PB, and Kuepper Weir who took over 2 sec off his 50m Free.

Many swimmers had to step up a distance from what they normally swim on club nights and we would like to congratulate them on the fantastic job they did. There were quite a few who swam times which show they can be very competitive over the longer distance and will receive certificates to reflect this.

We now look forward to the next club championship night which will be 2nd September and we hope those swimmers who were absent through illness will be able to attend this night.

A reminder that there will be no club on 9th September and that Presentation night has been rescheduled to Friday 16th Sept as our venue was unavailable on the original night. We apologise to those swimmers who are competing at State on that evening as we had exhausted all our options for this particular Presentation night.

Parramatta City Swim Meet - 21st August 2005

Daniel and Conor Davis attended this meet. It was an early hit out at the LC events and Daniel in particular had a very successful day with 2 silver and 1 bronze medals and 3 L/C PB's. Conor swam a L/C PB in his Fly.

Club Night Report - 19th August 2005 

Another quick night tonight - were we all at the snow? Nevertheless, we had another 6 visiting swimmers who we hope enjoyed themselves and will come again next season.

Congratulations to Jack Harrison, Taylah Felice, Ketelyn Kishawi and Keelan Hurst on great Butterfly PB's. Jedd Felice and Jack Harrison also swam PB's in their Backstroke tonight.

The next 2 weeks will be our championship series. These are great nights with ribbons awarded in every heat. Races are seeded in advance so that gives everybody a bit of extra time at the start of the night but we ask that you let us know if you cannot attend so that we can amend the program if necessary.

Remember, Presentation night will now be held on 16th Sept 2005 as the venue was not available on the original date.

Club Night Report - 12th August 2005 

Another quick night even though we had lots of kids in attendance and 6 visiting swimmers - even at this late stage of the season. There were 9 I.M PB's, 6 Breaststroke PB's and 3 Free PB's swum tonight.

The most successful swimmer on the night was Rohan Hurst who had a blinder. Rohan has now qualified to swim 100 IM is just off qualifying to go up to the 50m Freestyle. What a great night of swimming.

Congratulations also to new member, Sheldon Fisher, who last night also qualified to go up to the 50m Free and also the 100m IM.

Kelly Hickman and Rebecca Kennedy had a duel in the pool in their 100m IM with Rebecca edging Kelly out at the wall but both girls substantially lowering their previous best times. Cameron Libro, who only started swimming this year, is improving by leaps and bounds every week. This week he lowered his IM PB again.

Nepean Swim Meet Report - 7th August 2005

Ross Hickman, Kelly Hickman, Kyle Druery, Justin Riley, Sean McFarlane-Bentley, Andrew Kennedy, Rebecca Kennedy, Joel Walker, Amy Walker, Cassandra Blake, Taylah Felice, Jedd Felice, Sarah Ryan, Cameron Libro, Travis Jemmeson, Nicholas Jackson and Ryan Kishawi  attended this meet. The great news is that EVERY swimmer won a medal either individually or as part of a relay team!

Congratulations to Nicholas Jackson, Amy Walker, Taylah Felice, and Sarah Ryan for whom it was their first swim meet. Welcome back to Travis Jemmeson who came along to make up a relay team and earned a bronze medal in the 8 yr Fly.

Our swimmers won 6 Gold, 6 silver and 12 Bronze medals in total. The PB rate was 38% for the meet.

Highlights include Cassie Blake's 50m Fly which was a 9 second PB! Cameron Libro, Kyle Druery and Ross Hickman all took over 2 sec off their Freestyle PB's. Joel Walker took 6 sec off his 25m Fly, Kelly Hickman took 3 sec off her 50m Fly PB and Kyle Druery took 2 sec off his 50m Fly PB.

8 yr old Sarah Ryan had a wonderful first swim meet. Sarah was a member of our silver medal winning 8 yr old medley relay team and then went on to swim in the 8 yr old Free relay which won Gold. Once again our relay teams performances were wonderful and all the kids had a great day.

Our thanks to the Nepean Swim Club for going ahead with this meet when faced with the need to change the venue at the last minute. Our swimmers had a great day.

Club Night Report - 5th August 2005 

We would like to welcome Harry Ashford-Cox and Sheldon Fisher to our club.

Aidan Hurst (6 yrs old) had the honour of being our only swimmer to achieve a 100% PB rate tonight. Congratulations Aidan!

Tonight there were 9 backstroke PB's, 7 Free and 7 Fly PB's. Jedd Felice, Jack Harrison, Tomas Geraghty, Kyle Druery, Taylah Felice and Rebecca Davison all swam 2 PB's each tonight.

Good luck to our team of 20 swimmers who will represent our club at the Nepean Meet on Sunday.

Blacktown City Meet Report 31st July 2005

Justin Riley, Conor Davis, Brigitta Schyns, Andrew Kennedy and Rebecca Kennedy represented our club at this meet. Andrew continued on his winning way and collected another 4 medals from 6 events along with 3 PB's. It is also the first time that he has recorded an official sub 29 sec Freestyle (even though we have seen him do it at Club). Well done Andrew. Justin had an amazing meet with 5 PB swims and another State time in the 100m Fly. Justin has avoided this event for the last few years and swam a great 1.13.72 when he finally got around to tackling it! He is now a man on a mission and has added it to his list of events. Great swimming. Rebecca swam quite a few second best times ever but she had had her great week at Splash! Brigitta is still bothered by her back injury but nevertheless swam a PB in her backstroke. Conor put in a solid performance and swam 3 PB's on the day in his Breaststroke and Butterfly events.

Club Night Report 29th July 2005

What a great turnout we had tonight and a huge welcome back to Adam Verrender and Rob Sharp.

There were many great PB's swum tonight. Aidan Hurst and Harrison Wiles both swam 100% PB's tonight. Swimmers who swam 2 PB's on the night were Cassie Blake, Kyle Druery, Jessica Gann, Tiana Mamacan, Sarah Ryan, Joel Walker and Nicholas Wiles.

16 Breaststroke PB's were swum tonight. Nicholas Wiles, Kyle Druery, Aidan Hurst and Alicia Rigby all took over 3 sec off their previous best time and Jedd Felice and Harrison Wiles both took 2 sec off their existing PB's. Ross Hickman has progressed to the 50m distance and Joel Walker is now within a fingernail of the 50m time!

12 100m IM PB's were swum on the night with the most notable being Nicholas Jackson who took 8 sec off his previous best mark. Sarah Ryan found herself bumped up a heat a and rose to the occasion and swam a 5 sec PB. Kyle Druery swam a 4 sec PB and Cameron Libro took 3 sec off to now qualify for the 200m IM. Swimmers who took 2 sec off their IM Pb's were Aidan Hurst, Thomas Geraghty, Jessica Geraghty, Jessica Gann and Keelan Hurst.

Conor Davis had a visitor swim tonight in the 50m Breaststroke and it was great to see him back.

Thank you to those swimmers who have signed on for the Nepean Meet at the last moment so that our club can field those relay teams. It should be a great day.

Lastly, didn't our kids look great in their new cossies and caps!

Club Night Report 24th July 2005

Welcome back everyone. Firstly, I would like to say a big thankyou to 9 yr old Conor Davis who is having a season off but still comes down on Friday nights and helps out by collecting the cards from the timekeepers. This is very appreciated by us all, thank you Conor!

Tonight we saw a sensational 50m Freestyle race where one of our coaches, Tomas Noll, swam the fastest time ever in our pool. This same race saw Andrew Kennedy also swim the fastest time ever swum by a 12 yr old at our club 28.68.

Other swimmers having a great night included Alicia Rigby who swam another 100% night. Was it having her grandparents there that gave her the extra energy to swim a 3 sec PB in her backstroke? Nicholas Jackson, one of or Junior swimmers of the month, swam a 4 sec PB in his Free and Jack Harrison swam a 3 sec PB in his Free and also swam the qualifying time to progress to the 50m Fly. 5 yr old Amy Walker continues her improvement and swam another 4 sec PB in her 25m Free.

Happy Birthday Renee Druery

Splash 5 Report 16-17th July 2005

Andrew Kennedy, Rebecca Kennedy, Justin Riley and  Sean McFarlane-Bentley represented our club at this meet. It was a very successful meet for our swimmers who swam a 64% PB rate overall.

Rebecca Kennedy had a fantastic weekend with 6 PB swims from 7 events. Some of Bec's PB's were around 3 sec off her previous best times which is an amazing result.. Andrew continues his run of PB's with another 6 PB's from 9 events, along with 1 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze medal won.

Justin Riley began the competition with a PB swim and state Qualifying time in his 50m Free which is also the first time he has broken the 30 sec mark with a time of 29.89 sec.

Club Night Report 1st July 2005

What a great turnout for the end of the term! Wasn't it great to see our swimmers in our new club caps. There is no way we will miss our swimmers on the blocks now.

Tonight 100% PB's were swum by 7 yr old Daniel Davis (who has had a great run these last few weeks), Keelan Hurst and Sarah Ryan. Interestingly, the Top 10 in Pointscore was released in tonight's newsletter and all 3 of these swimmers are on this list. But, as Debbie said, there are 12 points available every club night - and with half a season to go, everyone is still in it.

Two PB's were swum by both Ross Hickman and Tiana Mamacan. i would also like to make a special mention regarding Sarah Ryan and Alicia Rigby whose last 3 Freestyle swims have all been PB's. This looks great on you swim card!

Please remember that the entries for the Blacktown and Nepean Meets close very soon. Good luck to our swimmers who will be attending the Splash 5 meet in mid July.