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About Us



South Cronulla Penguins Swim Club was formed in 1995. Membership is open to swimmers from 5 to 18 yrs. Our club caters to swimmers of all abilities with races held over distances from 12.5m 200m.

Swim club meets on Friday nights (except during school holidays) with a start time of 7pm. Entry cards must be in by 6.45pm. Club nights are held at the Cronulla Sports Complex, Cronulla Beach.

Our swim club has both a summer and a winter season.

Throughout the season a Pointscore competition is run. Every month the highest pointscorers are rewarded with Swimmer of the Month. Certificates are awarded to swimmers as they achieve the times to go up to the next distance. Championships are run at the end of every season.

A Presentation night is held at the end of every season. Trophies and medals are awarded in recognition of:

Pointscore - 1st to 6th in each of 4 age divisions
Championship - 1st, 2nd and 3rd in every age (boy and girl)
Attendance - 100%
Les Motto Awards - Development (2), Rookie of the Season (2), Sportsmanship
Encouragement - medals to all swimmers who did not receive a major award
Emperor Penguin - Best all-rounder (Junior and Senior)


There is no entry fee into the Cronulla Sports Complex for swimmers or spectators. There is no further fee for swim cards. Membership includes the $25 NSW Swimming Registration fee.

1st swimmer in a family - $75
2nd swimmer - $65
3rd swimmer - $55

If you are interested...  We allow 2 free swims which can be taken at any time. Should you then decide to join the swims will count towards pointscore and attendance - there is a requirement that swimmers attend a minimum of 50% of club nights to be eligible for age championship awards.

Please contact us at if you have any queries.

We hope to see you!