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Metropolitan Championships Report 26th June 2005

Andrew Kennedy, Matt Spence, Justin Riley, Brigitta Schyns, and Sherrie and Michael Eadie represented our club at these Championships.

Andrew and Matt had a great meet and swam 100% PB's. As both these swimmers are 12 yrs old it was always going to be difficult for their results to translate into points on the board however they were both well ranked amongst the 12 yr olds in their events. Justin swam a good swim in his Fly and was not far off his PB. It was a great swim when you consider that he has not trained all month! Brigitta came into this meet carrying a back injury and we really appreciate her still attending the meets and putting in a great swim. Sherrie and Michael had a great time in the MD events with Sherrie winning gold in the 50m Fly and Breast (PB).

Club Night 24th June 2005

What a great night for Jedd Felice! Jedd broke the 7 yr 50m record tonight with a PB swim.

On the night the following swimmers all swam 100% PB's - Nicholas Jackson, Sarah Ryan, Alicia Rigby and Daniel Davis. The following swimmers al swam 2 PB's - Rebecca Kennedy, Ross Hickman, Lachlan Hurst, Jessica Gann, Kyle Druery, Harrison Wiles, Nicholas Wiles and Jack Harrison.

As we all know, it is important that swimming club also be a social event, and there was a nice moment at the end of the 12.5m free where 5 yr olds Tyson Davis and Harry Ashford-Cox decided to have a friendly chat in the middle of the pool quite oblivious that there was more racing to come! So cute!

Good Luck to our team at Metros!

Club Night 17th June 2005

So how many of you were at the football tonight? It was still a good roll up and there was plenty to watch in the pool. Jedd Felice had a sensational night! Jedd broke the 7 yr 25m Breast record by more than half a second and, although he missed the 25m Free record, it was the second fastest 7 yr 25m freestyle ever swum at our club. Jedd then went on to swim a big 100m IM PB also.

100% PB's on the night were swum by Ross Hickman, Taleisha Garland, Harrison Wiles and Jedd Felice. I would also like to thank Terry Noel as he has been at every club night this season and it is very appreciated by the swimmers and their parents.

Kiama Meet Report 12th June 2005

Daniel and Conor Davis attended this meet and had a great weekend! Daniel won 2 Gold (7 yr 25m Breast and Back) and 1 Silver medal (7 yr 25m Free). Conor won Gold in the 9 yr boys 50m Breast and Bronze in the 9 yr 50m Back. Breaststroke was the flavour of the day as it was a PB for both boys in this event. Congratulations on a great day's swimming!

Club Night 10th June 2005

Well, what a turnout we had tonight! We thought everyone would be away for the long weekend and here you all were. Thomas Geraghty even asked if it was Championship or something seeing as there were so many swimmers there! It made for a great evening. Welcome back to the club to Tiana Mamacan. Tiana has had a few seasons off but came down to visit last week and has now joined up again. It was also great to see Sean Mcfarlane-Bentley and Jack Cullen back after many Friday nights playing rugby union.

Tonight we included relays into the program as our last event. The Committee has long recognised that it is relays which the swimmers really enjoy - and if there is anything we do well, it is the relays. After all, we are the District Relay Champions! The swimmers certainly seemed to enjoy themselves and the mix of older and younger swimmers was a really positive step for the club as a whole. Please give us any feedback you can as we are still playing around with the format.

Andrew Kennedy and Matt Spence continued their 50m Freestyle "Duel in the Pool" again this week. Tonight they were separated by .05 and it has been a fingertip - who won it? - result for weeks now. Keep it up boys as it is really exciting and now that Sean is back he should inject a bit more oomph into this race as well. Jack Cullen had a great 50m free recording a major PB while Justin apparently needs to do his swimmers up tighter !!!! Andrew also swam an all-time 200IM PB tonight. Not bad for a club night!

100% PB's on the night were swum by Daniel Davis, Keelan Hurst and Alicia Rigby. Swimmers who swam 2 PB's on the night included Emma Trembath, Ross Hickman, Jack Harrison, Joel Walker and Nicholas Wiles. Many of these swimmers are new to our club this season and it is wonderful to see how well they have settled in and to see them swimming so well.

Good luck to our swimmers competing at McCredie Pk and Kiama on the weekend.


Winter District Meet 5th June 2005

Jedd Felice, Matt Spence, Kelly and Ross Hickman, Andrew and Rebecca Kennedy, Conor and Daniel Davis, Sean McFarlane-Bentley, Cameron Libro, Kyle Druery, Justin Riley, Brigitta Schyns, Cassie Blake, Joel Walker and Barbara Efremova attended this meet.

On the day our swimmers won 4 Gold, 6 Silver and 1 Bronze medals. Outstanding swims on the day included Jedd's sensational Free PB which would have broken the District record except for the fact that another swimmer swam even faster! That was a great race. Joel Walker had a great debut swim recording a Free PB and finishing 5th in the event, and all this after falling out of a tree the day before and having cuts and bruises all over him!

Andrew Kennedy once again had a great day winning 3 Gold and 1 Bronze medals. Our 12 yr old boys won all their age events.

Brigitta Schyns had a great afternoon winning 1 Gold, 2 silver and 1 Bronze medals and swimming 3 PB's.

Carlile Meet 4th June 2005

Andrew Kennedy was our sole representative at this meet. After arriving late and just missing his 100m Free due to being stuck in horrendous traffic Andrew then settled down to swim another string of PB's. The other events contested were all Open 200m swims so the medal count is not a factor here. 

Club Night 3rd June 2005

It was great to see some old faces back tonight . It seems a lot of our swimmers have been out with illness or injury and it is great when we have a larger turnout on a Friday night. Thank you also to those grand parents out there who step in and bring the kids to swim club when mum and dad can't.

Kyle Druery had another great evening and swam a PB in his breast and IM. Cameron Libro swam a great IM PB and he was pretty happy about that!

Hopefully you all got down to see Julie Davis and Dianne Kishawi in the corner. These ladies have a supply of chlorine resistant training cossies for sale and are also taking orders for the new club swimming cossie to be worn at swim meets. Thank you Julie an Dianne for organising this for us. Our new club caps will be available in the next few weeks.

McCredie Pk / Toongabbie Meet Report 29th May 2005

Rebecca and Andrew Kennedy, Sean McFarlane-Bentley and Justin Riley attended this meet. Andrew had an exceptional meet and swam 100% Pb's on the day and also won 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medals. Rebecca won a silver medal in the 100m Breast and also swam 4 Pb's out of 7 events. Sean swam a Pb in his 100m Freestyle.

SLC Aquadot Meet Report 29th May 2005

Sam and Zac Fowler, Ross and Kelly Hickman, Kyle Druery, Barbara Efremova, Matt Spence and Ryan Kishawi attended this meet. Sam and Matt were our most successful medal winners on the day winning 5 medals each, one in each event entered. Sam also improved some of his Metro and State entry times today. Zac won 3 Bronze medals and Ryan won a Bronze in the Breast.

Other great swims on the day included Kyle Druery who swam his first sub 40 Freestyle and swam Pb's in his Back, Fly and IM. Ross nearly got under the 40 in his Free, just missing it by 5 hundredths, and swam a Fly Pb as well. Barbara swam a 100m Free Pb.

Club Night 27th May 2005

Another quiet night at club with many of our older children absent and quite a few of our younger swimmers unwell. It has to be the earliest finish we have had in a long time. 5 year old Amy Walker had a great night and is just off qualifying to go up to the 25m Free! Ross Hickman had a great night with Pb's in his Free and Fly.

Club Night 20th May 2005

Tonight was a very quiet night at club. Quite a few of our older swimmers were absent so it meant that speedy younger swimmers like Zac Fowler found themselves in the top heats of some events. Highlights of the night included Rebecca Kennedy's 7 sec PB in her 100 Breast which was swum on her birthday!

Congratulations also to 5 yr old Amy Walker who swam 2 PB's from 2 events and to the following swimmers who all swam IM PB's - Cameron Libro, Kuepper Weir, Katelyn Kishawi and Cassandra Blake. Good luck to our swimmers who will be competing at the SLCA and McCredie Pk / Toongabbie meets next weekend.

Peakhurst 12/u Meet - 15th May 2005

Renee and Kyle Druery, Sam and Zac Fowler, Conor, Daniel and Tyson Davis, Kelly and Ross Hickman, Barbara Efremova, Justin Riley, Matt Spence, Cassie Blake, Jovani-Keye Dulguime, Rebecca Kennedy and Jedd Felice attended this meet.

There were some great results with our swimmers recording an overall PB rate of 38% for the day. 26 medals were won (10 Gold, 8 Silver, 8 Bronze). Justin Riley was our most successful medal winner on the day winning 5 medals from 6 events. 5 year old Renee Druery had a dream start to her competitive swimming career with 2 silver and 1 Bronze medals from 3 events. 5 yr old Tyson Davis also had a great start with a Bronze medal in his first ever competitive swimming event.

Kelly Hickman continues her great form and recorded 3 sec PB's in her 50m Back and Breaststrokes. Kyle Druery had a fantastic meet with major PB's in his 100m Free and 100m IM. Jedd Felice swam a 2 second PB in his 25m Breast and just missed the 7 yr old Free record by .08 sec.

Our club had a very successful afternoon and came 3rd in the overall pointscore. Thank you very much to Peakhurst ASC for a well run meet.

Club Night Report -13th May 2005

There were some great PB's swum tonight. Logan Weir  was in great form and took 2 sec off his 25m Back and Fly. Kyle Druery and Cassie Blake both swam big Backstroke PB's  and Jedd Felice took a huge 2 sec off his 50m Free to go under the 40 sec mark for the first time.

Thank you to all our parents who have stepped into roles on pool deck. Our club nights are running very smoothly and this is certainly appreciated by everyone. It is great to see all our new swimmers participating so enthusiastically. That's what it's all about!

Maroubra Development Meet 1st May 2005

Jedd Felice, Kelly Hickman and Ross Hickman attended this meet and they had a great day! Jedd showed why he was named our Rookie of the Season in Summer and won both the 7yr Fly (PB) and Free. Kelly and Ross both had another great day in the pool and recorded 3 PB's each, and this is after all 3 swimmers swam 100% PB's on Friday night at club. Great work swimmers.

Club Night 29th April 2005

What a great start to Winter season. Welcome back to our returning swimmers and a very warm welcome to our visitors. We hope you enjoyed your night and that you will come again. We certainly loved having you.

The swimmers' enthusiasm resulted in some great PB's with an exceptional PB rate for the first night back at swimming. The PB rates for returning swimmers was Free (42%), Back (32%) and Fly (27%).

An amazing 10 swimmers recorded a 100% PB rate on the night. They were Tyson Davis, Renee Druery, Kelly Hickman, Ross Hickman, Kyle Druery, Taylah Felice, Katelyn Kishawi, Jedd Felice, Alicia Rigby and Jovani-Keye Dulguime. That is a remarkable statistic.

Congratulations also to the following swimmers on some great PB swims. Sean McFarlane-Bentley swam a 2 sec Fly PB, Renee Druery  on a 3 sec back PB. Taylah Felice went under that magical 40 sec for her 50m free for the first time and Logan and Kuepper Weir both took large chunks off their Freestyle PB's.

Swimwest Meet - 10th April 2005

Conor Davis, Daniel Davis, Sam Fowler, Zac Fowler, Andrew Kennedy, Rebecca Kennedy and Justin Riley attended this meet. It was a very successful return to short course swimming with some swimmers recording fantastic Pb's. Andrew Kennedy swam 4 Pb's and Justin Riley and Rebecca Kennedy both swam 3 Pb's each. Conor Davis swam 2 Pb's out of his 3 events. Andrew Kennedy and Sam Fowler were our big medal winners on the day. Congratulations to all our swimmers.

The Season that was……

There we were, October 2004 at Homebush for the Cumberland 12/u meet, a small group of swimmers looking at that l-o-n-g 50m pool. Yep! Summer season had begun and with it the return to long course racing.  

Following that meet, our swimmers went on to swim at our Summer District Championships where we came a close 4th to the larger SLCA, Sans Souci and Jones clubs.  On this day Andrew Kennedy and Matilda Garling won their respective age championships. A feature of this meet, and any other meet that we attend, is our enthusiasm for the relays. EVERY swimmer swam in at least one relay on the day with some swimmers, Matilda Garling for instance, swimming in 8yr 10yr and 12 yr relays! On the day our swimmers won the following relay events 

Women’s Open 200m Freestyle Relay              1st        2.08.62

Women’s Open 200m Medley Relay                1st        2.21.07

Boys 12/u 200m Freestyle Relay                       1st        2.08.31

Boys 12/u 200m Medley Relay                         1st        2.22.00

Mixed 8/u 200m Freestyle Relay                       1st        2.44.03 

Our club won the overall Relay Aggregate Pointscore trophy for the second year in a row. For me, this was the highlight of the season and it shows that for a small club we still have great depth and more importantly, enthusiasm and a willingness to have a go! 

As the summer progressed we went to meets at Sutherland, Peakhurst, Sans Souci, Rockdale, Nepean, Homebush, Caringbah and Engadine. Our developing swimmers had wonderful results at the District level 2 meet at Sans Souci. 

Our representative swimmers were also busy putting our name out there. Andrew Kennedy and Alex Cox occupy multiple National Top 20 Age rankings and Andrew won a silver medal at the State titles. Our 12 yr boy (A Team) swimmers (Andrew, Justin, Sean and Matt) built on their District relay successes and came 6th in the 4x50 Free and 7th in the 4x50 Medley relays at State.  

Sherrie Eadie continued her great standard of swimming in the MD events and once again was our sole representative at the Telstra Australian Open. 

Sam Fowler, Matt Spence and Brigitta Schyns qualified to swim at the Speedo Sprint finals with all 3 swimmers then qualifying for the Grand Finals and Sam winning the 8 yr old 50m Butterfly! 

All in all, it has been a very successful Summer Season and we have every reason to expect that the upcoming Winter season will be also.  

This brings me to the first meet of the Winter Season that we would like to target. The Peakhurst 12/u Meet will be held on Sunday 15th May. Please see me when club resumes if you would like to attend this meet. Also, please make a note on your calendar as Sunday afternoon June 5th is our District Winter Meet at Hurstville Aquatic. 

Lastly, our District is running its’ annual Technical Lectures on the second Monday of May with an exam to follow on the 4th Monday of May. If you feel that you could spare the time it would be very appreciated if you could attend. Participation in Technical Lectures does not then place any parent under pressure to take an increased role in club night activities….but extra help is always appreciated!!! 

Have a happy break and we hope to see you back for Winter season

Speedo Sprint Finals - 20th March 2005

Sam Fowler, Matt Spence and Brigitta Schyns represented our club at this meet.

8 yr old Sam had an outstanding day where he finished 15th in the Back, 8th in the Free (PB) and 1st in the Fly in an amazing PB swim of 38.47. Sam had already swum a 1 sec PB in the Fly in his finals swim that morning to register a 39.22 so his afternoon swim was all the more stunning as he took another .8 off that time again!

Matt had a "bad day at the office" with all swims being well outside his best times. However he still managed to finish 8th in the 12 yrs Fly so it wasn't all bad news!

Brigitta celebrated her last Speedo sprint competition (she is 13) by qualifying for the grand final in the Breaststroke and finishing in 9th place. Woo hoo!

Championship Night (2) 18th March 2005

Tonight we swam Free, Breast and Individual Medley events. Congratulations to Andrew Kennedy who had a sensational night, breaking the 12 yrs 50m Free and Breast records. Kyle Druery had a sensational night, swimming 3 huge PB's.

Great swims also from Adam Verrender, Rebecca Kennedy and Logan Weir in the 50m Breast, 5 yr old  Curtley Buncan in the 25m Free and Jessica ford, who swam 3 Pb's on the night.

Have a safe and Happy Easter to everyone.

See you at our Summer Presentation Night BBQ 7.30pm 1st April at the Cronulla Surf Club where every swimmer will be receiving an award.

Championship Night (1) 11th March 2005

There was a noticeable buzz in the air tonight. Thanks to all our parents who battled it out for a parking spot so that we could start on time with 3 timekeepers per lane.

Congratulations to all our swimmers for their efforts. Many of you found yourself swimming unfamiliar distances - yes, that 100m freestyle straight up did hurt! But it is over now and next week it will be the 50m Free. Some of out littlest ones now have a 25m time since we made them swim all the way to the wall but didn't they get a big cheer when they finished! and it goes without saying that the 50m Fly really does bite when you are only used to swimming it over the 25m distance. Congratulations again to all our swimmers for trying so hard.

Those club records are getting harder to break these days. Three records were broken tonight. Sam Fowler (8 yr 50m Free), Andrew Kennedy (12 yr 100m Free in a hard fought race) and Justin Riley (12 yr 50m Fly) all swam PB's to break their respective records.

Special mention goes to 9 yr old Ross Hickman who broke his arm on Wednesday (fell off a roof - don't ask!), had it put in a cast on Thursday, and was swimming times not far off his PB's on Friday. What a little champion.

Club Night 18th Feb 2005

There were some wonderful swims tonight. Katelyn and Ryan Kishawi returned to swim club tonight and it was great to have them back. Katelyn had a brilliant night and swam 100% PB's. Katelyn took a huge 10sec off her 100m IM and a Freestyle PB has now qualified her to swim in the 50m Free. Other swimmers to acheive 100% PB's on the night were Taylah Felice, Rebecca Kennedy, Holly Dubois, Kuepper Weir and Jovani - Keye Dulguime.

Other notable swims were Sam Fowler who swam a 5 sec Pb in his 100m Free, and Matilda Garling and  Cassandra Blake who both swam their first 38 sec freestyle tonight.

Ross Hickman, Jedd Felice, Kelly Hickman and Rohan Hurst all swam PB's of 4 sec or greater in their IM's or freestyles tonight.

Please remember that the club championship series commences 11th March. If you are in doubt as to whether you have swum the required number of nights please check with the race desk.

Speedo Sprint 12th Feb 2005

 Sam and Zac Fowler, Rebecca and Andrew Kennedy, Conor and Daniel Davis, Brigitta Schyns and Barbara Efremova attended this meet. Unfortunately Conor, Daniel and Barbara left quite early in the afternoon due to the altered program and other commitments.

Sam and Matt had great success and are both progressing to the finals in Free, Back and Fly. Sam won both Back (PB) and Free races and was 2nd in the Fly (PB). Matt was 2nd in all 3 events. Brigitta had to wait till the end of the day for her best event and she finished in 2nd place in the 13 yr Breast. Andrew did a L/C PB in his Backstroke where he hugged the lane rope a bit too closely and had a beautiful graze on his back to show off at the end of the race. Rebecca was 4th in her Breast and Zac was 3rd in his Back and 4th in the Free.

Club Night 11th feb 2005

It is easy to see that school swimming carnivals are on. The attendance rate is up and the PB's are coming thick and fast. Tonight the overall PB rate was just under 30% which is sensational for a club night.

100% PB's were swum by Kate Sharp, Holly Dubois, Matt Spence, Cassandra Blake, Michael Eadie, Tyson Davis, Geoffrey Gerlach, Ryan Gerlach and Taylah Felice.

Rebecca Kennedy, who arrived late from gymnastics and was thrown into a spare lane in the top heat, swam a 50m Freestyle PB which has now qualified her for 100m freestyle. Holly Dubois swam both her back stroke and Fly  under the 40 sec mark for the first time. Jedd Felice had a sizzler of a night with 2 huge PB's in his Free and fly. 7 yr old Jedd now has qualified for 50m Fly. Matt Spence had another great night with a 4 sec PB in his 200m IM and he went under the 35 sec mark in his Backstroke for the first time. Logan and Kuepper Weir both swam freestyle PB;s and Kuepper is sure to break that 40 sec mark soon.

Amazingly, with nearly a full complement of swimmers, we still managed to be finished in just over an hour. Thank you to all our officials for the organisation in achieving this. A big thank you to Tony Sharp who, as Starter, really had to shout to be heard above the noise and to Wayne Druery who always has the rope ready for the 12.5m races. Thanks again to Steve Jemmeson our amazing Marshall who knows exactly where to find the big kids so that they don't "accidentally" miss their races - not that the big kids are that hard to miss! Thanks also to Deb Kennedy and Sue King on the race desk. A big thankyou to all our timkeepers, some of whom perform this duty every week without ever being asked (Vadim, Chris, Peter, Anthony, Mick, David, Vaughan etc) - thanks guys!

Lastly, a big welcome to our new coach Terry Noel. Terry and Tomas will be working together to build a better, stronger swim team and it was wonderful having 2 coaches in attendance on the night.

Good Luck to our team at the Speedo Sprint heats and to Sherrie Eadie who will be swmming at the NSW Open meet next weekend.

Carrington Indoor Aquatic Swim Meet report 5th Feb 2005

Matt Spence, Andrew Kennedy and Rebecca Kennedy attended this meet. All 3 swimmers had a very successful day winning 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze medals and swimming some great PB's. Butterfly was a standout with all 3 swimmers setting new PB's on the day.

Club Night 4th February 2005

What a huge night with nearly a 100% attendance rate tonight  There were some great swims in the IM with Sam Fowler, Zac Fowler, Rebecca Kennedy and Logan Weir swimming some very major PB's in this event. Breaststroke saw some big PB's with Sam Fowler, Logan Weir and Matt Spence having some success on the night. Adam Verrender continues his great form of recent weeks.

Nepean Swim Meet - Glenbrook - 29th Jan 2005

Conor and Daniel Davis had a wonderful weekend up at the Blue Mountains. They combined this swim meet with a trip to Jenolan caves. At the pool Daniel won 4 Gold medals which adds up to an amazing 8 medals from 8 swims in 2 weekends. Conor also returned to the winners list with a 3rd place in the 9 yr 50m Breaststroke. Conor also had a great PB in his 50m freestyle. Congratulations to both these boys on their efforts and thank you to Nepean Swim Club who once again have hosted a fantastic meet.

Club Night report 28th January 2005

Welcome back everyone. We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas break and are back for a great finish to our summer season.  It is amazing how tall some of you have grown over the last 6 weeks!

There were some huge PB's swum tonight with Kelly Hickman, Ross Hickman, Kyle Druery, Michael Eadie, Sam Fowler and Thomas King all swimming 100% Pb's on the night. Jack Cullen and Jesse Chamberlain also had sensational 50m Butterfly PB's and Adam Verrender and Justin Riley swam impressive 200m Freestyle Pb's.

Thank you to Fiona and Julie who handed out the new swim cossies for our swimmers to model. Please take note of the colour combinations on display.

BSC Rockdale Meet 22.1.05

Zac and Sam Fowler, Daniel and Conor Davis, Matt Spence and Andrew Kennedy represented our club at this meet. Our swimmers had a very successful day with every swimmer acheiving at least one PB. Daniel Davis was our most successful swimmer with a 100% PB rate on the day and 3 Gold and 1 Silver medal. Congratulations Daniel!

The day began very well with all swimmers recording L/C PB's in their Freestyles and collecting 5 freestyle medals on the way. Backstroke was not a highlight of the day with our swimmers still having to adjust to only a sky to look at - no roof! Breaststroke saw a couple of PB's and Butterfly a few more.

Congratulations to Sam Fowler who swam some very major PB's in his 50m Free and Fly and has now qualified to swim at Metros, and hopefully State, this winter.

Once again, congratulations to our whole team on a successful day at the pool with a total of 3 Gold medals, 7 Silver medals and 2 Bronze medals won and a 63% PB rate on the day.

State Championships 2005  9-12yrs

4 swimmers qualified to represent our club in individual events at this meet. They were Rebecca Kennedy at her first ever State Championships, her brother Andrew, Matt Spence and Sean McFarlane- Bentley. These 3 boys combined with Justin Riley to form our highly successful 11/12 relay teams.

Andrew was once again our most successful swimmer with a silver medal in the 12 yrs 200m Breast (13 sec PB) and a 10th place in the 12 yrs 100m Breast.

Our 2 relay teams were awesome. All 4 boys swam PB's in their legs of the Medley relay finishing in 7th place in a PB time. They combined again at the end of the day in the freestyle relay to once again produce some sensational  swims and finish in 6th place with a 4 sec PB. Our club is only small, averaging about 65 swimmers per season and this group of boys are all "homegrown" and have been together since they were 6 years old. It is hard to believe that they are now 12 and that next year they will be at "big" State. What a great note to finish junior State on!

Our club had also entered a team in the 10 man 500m 12/u relay. This was the first time we had attempted to field a team for this event and we were looking good until a few days before when 2 swimmers had to withdraw. We would like to thank all our swimmers and parents for  their efforts in trying to gather replacements at the last minute. All of us there could not help but notice the empty lane where we should have been lets hope for better luck next year!

Our club mascot, the giant Penguin, was very well travelled and appeared in many photos. It even made a visit to pool deck where some kind official minded him whilst Andrew received his medal - at 4ft high he was too big to sneak onto the podium.

 Metropolitan Championships 11-12th Dec 2004

Our club was represented by a small, but enthusiastic, team at this meet. There were some outstanding PB's swum and Andrew Kennedy won a silver medal in the 11 yr 100m Breaststroke.

Andrew had an outstanding weekend and finished with 3 other top 10 placings. It was Andrew's points which placed our club 46th in the final medal tally. This had us finishing in 4th place in the St George Sutherland District.

Rebecca Kennedy made her debut at Metros and celebrated it with a PB in the 9 yr 100m Breast. Zac Fowler and Brigitta Schyns both swam L/C PB's in their events. Matt Spence, Sean McFarlane-Bentley and Blake Bethell all swam some major all time PB's with Blake taking 3 sec off his 100m Fly.

Sherrie Eadie made a welcome return to the pool after quite a lengthy break following the Global Games in Sweden. Sherrie won a set of medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze) in the M/D events along with a 4th place in the Breast.

Sans Souci Meet - 27th November 2004

Sam and Zac Fowler, Andrew Kennedy, Lucy and Jessica Ford, Matlda Carling, Matt Spence, Conor and Daniel Davis and Marena Terupo represented our club at this meet.

Jessica Ford had a great meet  and qualified to swim in the 50m Dash for cash where she finished in 6th position with a PB swim!

Marena Terupo had a great meet winning a silver in the 7 yr 50m Free and finishing 4th in all her other events.

Once again we entered the relays where we were quite successful. The girls' 13/u team finished 4th (with a 12, 10, 8 and 7 yr old team). The boys 13/u medley and free relay teams both finished in 2nd place, once again with a very young team consisting of a 12, 11, 10 and 8 yr old. Great swimming team!