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December 2004

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Club Night 26th November

Thank you to all the parents who manned a stop watch for the first time or did jobs they don't normally do so that club could run smoothly tonight. Christmas parties have taken a lot of manpower away from pool deck so it was really great to see how well the night went.

Congratulations to John Eggins who set a new 100m Free record tonight. Marena Terupo carried on her great run with huge PB's in her 25m Breast and 100m IM. Logan Weir is also having a great run and swam 3 PB's tonight.

Don't forget next Friday night is the night where we will be voting on the proposed changes to our club.

SLC Aquadot meet 13-14th November 2004

This was the first outdoor meet of the summer for many of our swimmers. Congratulations to our medal winners, Matilda, Andrew and Matt.  Rebecca Kennedy achieved her first State time in the 9yr 100m Breast and Matt achieved a Metro time in Freestyle.


Peakhurst Meet 13.11.04

Daniel and Conor Davis and Jedd Felice (at his first swim meet) attended this carnival. Congratulations to 6 yr old Daniel on winning several medals and setting a new age record in the 6 yr old 25m Breaststroke.

Jedd won a bronze medal in the 7 yr old 25m Free which is a great achievement at your first meet.


Club Night 12.11.04

Last club night (which went without a report due to preparations for District) saw quite a few of our younger swimmers qualify to go up to the 50m Free. Congratulations to Ross Hickman, Logan Weir and Aroi Terupo on this achievement.

This week these same swimmers competed very well over the 50m distance. Logan Weir had a great night and swam a huge PB in his I00m I.M as did Daniel Davis, Travis Jemmeson and Katelyn Kishawi. Lauren and Cassie Jemmeson also did big Pb's over the longer 200m I.M distance tonight.

Andrew Kennedy set a new 11 yr old record in the 100m I.M tonight.


St George Sutherland District Championships - 6th November 2004

30 swimmers attended these Championships. For some swimmers it was their first time at the Olympic Pool, and for some it was the first time they had swum a 50m long course race. Our club was very lucky to be represented by such an enthusiastic group of swimmers and we are sure that your efforts on the day resulted in our club having a healthy pointscore at the end of the day.

Congratulations to our 2 District Age Champions. Matilda Garling took out the 8 yrs Female Championship whilst Andrew Kennedy won the male 11 years title.

Once again, our relay teams were one of our main strengths. Every swimmer was involved in at least one relay on the day with most swimmers involved in multiple relays. Spare a thought for Matilda Garling who swam 3 relays in a row at the end of the day. This is a huge effort for an 8 yr old, especially her last event where she swam in the 12/u relay. Thank you also to 10 yr old Zac Fowler who swam back to back relays in the 14/u and 12/u relays. Thank you also to Blake Bethell who swam the morning with a shoulder injury as he didn't want to let the relay teams down - a very inspiring effort.

Relay highlights included our 12/u Boys winning a in a hard fought Medley relay over the strong SLC Aquadot team with our "B" team taking out 3rd place! Our littlest swimmers won their mixed 8/u relay as we hoped they would. Our older girls once again won the prestigious Open Womens' title.

Individual highlights included Meagan Cox's Gold in the Open 50m Fly and Alex Cox winning the Open 100m Breast with no training as he has been doing his HSC. Justin Riley was the Butterflier of the day and he swam this stroke superbly in 3 separate Medley relay teams.

Other medal winners on the day included Sam and Zac Fowler, Ryan Kishawi and Jack Cullen. A full report will be included in the newsletter.

A big thank you to our entire team. We hope you had a fun day.

Club Night 29th Oct 2004

Welcome to our new members. We hope you are enjoying your Friday nights and have a great summer season with us. A special mention to Marena and Aroi Terapu who have already put their hands up to swim in the relays for us at Summer District Championships next week. Welcome back also to Holly Dubois. It was lovely to see you again, as your warm reception from all the girls showed.

It is also very encouraging to see nearly full heats of the 12.5m races again. It is wonderful to have newcomers like 5 yr old Curtley Duncan and Renee Druery up on the blocks.

Paul Eggins set a new 13yr old 100m Freestyle record tonight. Lucy Ford, Adam Verrender, Matilda Garling, Hannah Goman and  Rachel Mulhane all took at least 5 seconds off their 100m I.M PB's. Kuepper Weir took 3 seconds off his 50m Breaststroke PB. Sam Fowler lowered his Freestyle PB again!!!, nearly going under the 38 second mark. Andrew Kennedy has a stranglehold on the 12yr/u 200m IM trophy with a time currently 15 seconds faster than his nearest rival.

To all our families who will be attending the District Championships, please remember that our club will be asked to timekeep a lane at this meet. Everyone is asked to give an hour of their time so that this duty can be more evenly shared. Thankyou.

Cumberland Meet - 24th Oct 2004

Blake Bethell, Matt Spence, Andrew and Rebecca Kennedy, Barbara Efremova, and Daniel Davis and Conor Davis attended this meet.

It is always interesting when we attend our first L/C meets of the season but our swimmers had some promising results. Andrew won a gold and a silver medal while Matt and Blake achieved their first Metro qualifying times of the season. 6 yr old Daniel Davis swam 100% PB's on the day and had some excellent results in what were 7/u events.

Once again, the highlights of the meet for us were the relays. Our team of Blake, Barbara, Matt and Andrew won bronze in both the 12/u Free and Medley relays. This was a great effort against some mighty clubs, so congratulations team!

Rockdale Distance Meet - 23rd Oct 2004

Now this is not considered one of our specialties but  Blake Bethell and Andrew Kennedy decided to have a hit out and, to their delight, came away with 2nd and 3rd place in the 12/u 400m Free. This was the first 400m swim for Andrew and a major PB for Blake. Great results boys.

Club Night 22nd Oct 2004

Thank you to all our swimmers who have put in their entries for Summer District. A big welcome to Marena and Aroi Terupo who will have only just joined club and have already made themselves available for the relays.  Welcome back to Kristen McAree and to all our visitors on the night.

Lucy Ford had a wonderful night tonight with major PB's in her 50m Free and Fly. Paul Eggins continued his great form and produced a huge freestyle PB tonight as did Sam Fowler (again!) The highlight of the night though, was the huge cheer that 4 yr old Madison Reynolds received on the completion of her 12.5m Fly. What a great swim!

Now that we have had our first 2 weeks back it is time to get all those PB's happening and the Pointscore competition can get underway. We should be able to post our first top 10 in a few more weeks.


Cllub Night 15th Oct  2004

Welcome to Summer Season. We had one of our smoothest registration / club nights ever. There was some great swimming with Sam Fowler breaking another 2 records in the 50m Free and the 100m IM. Paul Eggins made  a spectacular return to club with a huge Breaststroke PB. Marena and Aroi Terapu swam as visitors on the night and will be a welcome addition to the girls' competition. Welcome also to our other visitors on the night, Kelly and Ross Hickman and Renee Druery. We hope you enjoyed your swimming.

A special welcome back to Alicia and Sue Rigby


MLC Marlins Meet - 5th Sept 2004

Ryan and Katelyn Kishawi, Matilda Garling, Sam and Zac Fowler, Justin Riley, Nicola Brown and Sean McFarlane-Bentley attended this meet.

Nicola is one of our newest club members and it was her first meet as a representative of our club. Nicola swam a Backstroke PB on the day Matilda, now swimming as an 8 yr old, swam  PB 's in her Free Breast and Backstroke, narrowly missing out on a Breaststroke medal. Sam and Zac had a great meet as usual with  Zac recording his second fastest Freestyle time and 7 yr old Sam swimming a sensational Fly PB, narrowly finishing in 4th place in an 8/u event.

Swim of the day goes to Justin Riley for his 2nd place and huge PB in the 50m Fly. Justin also swam a Backstroke PB.

Ryan is getting some last minute carnival practice before the Pan Hellenic Games. For Katelyn this was her first meet in a 50m pool other than school swimming so congratulations Katelyn on your first 50m swim for us.

Sean McFarlane-Bentley lowered his freestyle PB yet again.


Club Championship Night No1 - 20th August 2004

What a great night of swimming! Our PB rate was huge as it always is when you combine the excitement of swimming for ribbons and age championship points with the familiarity of swimming in your home pool.

7 club records were broken on the night with Meagan, Alex, Andrew, Brigitta and Kate Sharp all achieving new Breaststroke records.

Kelly Primmer had another amazing night with 3 PB's including a sensational 37.06 in her 50m Free. Rebecca Kennedy also swam 3 huge PB's as did Cassie Blake and Justin Riley.


Club Night - 13th August 2004

Congratulations to Sean McFarlane-Bentley who lowered the 11yr boys 50m Free record tonight.

9 yr old Kelly Primmer had a great evening with 3 huge PB's including 2 seconds off her 50m Freestyle time.

The first night of our club championships will be on next week and it is shaping up to be a great night of racing. Events to be contested this week will be Free, Breast and IM.

Our Trivia Night will be held on Saturday 21st so please come along and bring your friends for our major fundraiser.


State Open,    7- 8 August 2004

We would like to wish Meagan and Alex Cox many Pb's on the weekend. Alex is entered into the 5om, 100m and 200m Breaststroke. Meg is swimming the 50m Fly.


Nepean Meet - 1st August 2004

Sam and Zac Fowler, Travis and Cassie Jemmeson, Daniel and Conor Davis, Andrew and Rebecca Kennedy, Justin Riley, Matt Spence, Matilda Garling, Grace Strawbridge and Rachel Mulhane represented our club at this meet. Of the 47 individual swims entered, 20 medals were won! Our club also entered 6 relays. We won both 11/12 Free and Medley relays and won the 8/u Medley relay with a silver in the 8/u Free relay. This is an outstanding result for such a small team and all the above swimmers are to be congratulated on their great efforts and the support they gave each other today.

Some highlights of the day included Matilda Garling's debut at her first ever swim meet. Matilda won Gold in the 7 yr Free, Breast and Back and won silver in the Fly. She was also part of our Gold and Silver medal winning 8/u relay teams. Sam Fowler was the other half of our dynamic 7 yr old duo winning exactly the same medals, in the same events as Matilda!

Our 11 yr Boys, Justin, Matt and Andrew took out the top 3 place in the Fly!

Congratulations also to Grace Strawbridge who has had some excellent swims over the past 2 weeks and today broke the 40 sec barrier for the 50m Free with a 39.44. Conor Davis also continued his run of Freestyle PB's with another second off his 50m time.

Thank you to Rachel Mulhane who filled in for us at the last minute as a relay swimmer. Rachel discovered that she had street directory reading skills as she directed the way to the meet when they were running extremely late. Rachel, along with Justin, Andrew and Matt went on to win Gold in both their 11/12 Medley and Free relays. This achievement is all the more special because all 4 swimmers are only 11 years of age.

Thank you to Phil Heyhoe and Nepean Swim Club for another enjoyable and well run meet. See you next year!


30th July 2004

There were PB's all over the pool tonight and the following are just a few of our star swimmers from this week. Major congratulations to Grace Strawbridge (9)and Jessica Ford (12)who both swam 3 PB's tonight. Kelly Primmer (9) who swam her first sub 40 50m Freestyle tonight. Hannah Buchanan (10)and Hayley Dewar (10) both also had huge 50m Free PB's and have both now qualified to go up to the 100m distance. Cassie Jemmeson (10) swam huge PB's in both her 50m Fly and Backstroke. Backstroke was the order of the night for the Budd family as Alexandra (6), James (9) and William (10) all swam PB's tonight. Conor Davis (8) swam another freestyle PB tonight as did Kuepper Weir (10)

We would like to send our best wishes to John Eggins who has sprained his ankle. We hope you get better quickly.

Good luck to our swimmers who will be travelling to the Nepean Meet this weekend.


Splash IV - 25th July 2004

Andrew Kennedy, Brigitta Schyns and Justin Riley attended this meet. Andrew continued his amazing Winter season with mega PB's in the 50m Free, Back and Fly and won the Gold medal in the 50m Breast (silver in the Free and Back). Brigitta achieved her first State S/C time with a PB in her 100m Breast. Justin swam a PB in his 100m Freestyle.


Warringah Swim Meet - 24th July 2004

Zac and Sam Fowler made the trek to Warringah (after their morning soccer games). It was well worth the trip. 7 yr old Sam won Gold in the 50m Fly (PB), silver in the 50m Free and Bronze in the 50m Breast (PB). 9 yr old Zac earned his 4th State time with a PB in the 100m Back.


23rd July 2004

Welcome back everyone. We hope you have had a great break and we look forward to an exciting second half of our Winter season. It was nice to have Sherrie Eadie swim with us on the eve of her departure for the Global Games in Sweden. Sherrie has trained really hard for this meet and we are sure she will swim many PB's.

There were PB's in the pool tonight as well. Congratulations to 7 year old Sam Fowler who broke his own 50m Free record tonight with a 39.2.

Katelyn Kishawi, Sam Fowler and Kaitlyn McCaw all swam 3 PB's tonight. Brittany Day and Hannah Primmer continued their run of Freestyle PB's and Kelly Primmer swam PB's in her Breast and 100m IM. Conor Davis and Kuepper Weir both swam 50m Free PB's and Grace Strawbridge, Hannah Primmer and Veronica Charles all swam Breaststroke PB's. Not to be undone, big sister April Charles, swam a PB in her IM.

Good luck to our swimmers who will be competing at the Splash IV and Warringah meets this weekend.


National Age Top 20 (L/C)

A check of the latest National Rankings (as at 20.6.04) show that we have Alex Cox (17 yrs) ranked 11th 50m Breast, 12th 100m Breast and 11th 200m Breast. Meagan Cox is ranked 19th for the 50m Fly.

Sherrie Eadie is the current Australian record holder for the 17 yrs S14 400m Freestyle


July 3-4 2004 -Metropolitan Championships

We went into these Championships with great hopes of a medal and some top 10 results. Our swimmers exceeded our expectations with our best result in many years. Meagan Cox won Gold in the 14-15 yrs 50m Fly. Sherrie Eadie won Gold in the 50m Free M/D and 50m Fly M/D and Andrew Kennedy won Bronze in the 11/u 100m Breast. 7 of our swimmers recorded 100% PB's and our club was the second placed club in our District and 35th overall. This was a remarkable effort especially when we were without a coach in attendance (hope those SMS's kept him awake over there in Europe!) Absent from our team was Matt Spence (foot injury) and Sean McFarlane-Bentley (pneumonia).

July 2nd 2004 - Club night

It was great to have club on again with a smooth change over of pool management. As always it was a quiet night with many people away on holidays and many of our Metro swimmers electing to not swim tonight. There was still some great swimming in the pool with 7 year old Sam Fowler recording a 39.44 in his 50m Free and his brother Zac taking 5 sec off his 50m Fly. Hannah Primmer, Lachlan Hurst and Cassie Jemmeson also recorded great Freestyle Pb's.

July 1st 2004

As most people are aware, the Cronulla Sports Complex will be under new management from 1st July. The South Cronulla Penguins Committee warmly welcome the new lessees and look forward to a happy future.

A team of 14 swimmers  will compete at the Metropolitan Championships this weekend. Good luck to Lucy Ford, Barbara Efremova, Rachel Mulhane, Brigitta Schyns, Meagan Cox, Sherrie Eadie, Zac Fowler, Andrew Kennedy, Ryan Kishawi, Sean McFarlane-Bentley, Justin Riley, Matt Spence, John Eggins and Alex Cox.