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February 2003

Last Updated: May 04


28th February 2003

Tonight was an extremely quiet night at club due to so many of our swimmers attending the State Surf Lifesaving championships at Swansea Belmont. We wish them all good luck!

Chanei Mamacan had a night of PB’s. It seems that swimming with her dad at his Tuesday night swim club really agrees with Chanei. Brooke King and Barbara Efremova also swam all PB’s tonight.

A reminder to al our swimmers to make sure that you have at least 50% attendance for the season so that you are eligible for club championship awards. Club championship will be held on the 21st and 28th March.

22nd February 2003

Congratulations to our swimmers who attended the District Level 2 Carnival at Sans Souci on Saturday 22nd. Official results have not yet been received however it appears that our swimmers swam lots of PB’s. To my knowledge medals were won by Abby and Josh Flecknoe, who were both at their very first swimming carnival, Kristen McAree, Conor Davis, Geoffrey Gerlach and Sean Mulligan. Once again, surf club commitments clashed with the timing of a stillwater carnival and resulted in a low attendance for our club so thankyou to the above swimmers who so proudly represented us.

21st February 2003

Congratulations to Jack Cullen and Alicia Rigby who have both qualified to go up to the next distance in their Individual Medley.

Once again there were some great PB’s swum on the night. These include Brigitta Schyns in her 200m I.M and 50m Breast, Justin Riley’s 100m Free and Rachel Mulhane’s 100m I.M.

Thank you to Sue Rigby who is organising the night out to attend the Australian Championships.

Good luck to our competitors who will be attending the District Level 2 tomorrow.

Speedo Sprint – February 15th 2003

st Back, 2nd Fly and Free), Jack (1st Breast), Andrew (2nd Breast). Sean Mulligan continued with his run of PB’s in his Backstroke and Brigitta did a Breaststroke PB. Brittany swam well considering that only 2 days ago we thought she had broken her wrist!

Friday 14th February 2003

The comedy highlight of tonight’s swimming was probably Brittany’s slow motion false start! Everyone saw it coming (including Brit) and she was powerless to stop it – where was the video camera!

Swimming highlights included PB’s by Rob Sharp (100m Free) where he led Matt and Andrew all the way, Matt Harden’s 200m Free, Sean Mulligan’s 100m Backstroke, Jesse Chamberlain’s 100m Backstroke and 50m Fly, Adam Verrender in his 50m Fly and Chanei Mamacan getting under 50 sec in the 50m Freestyle for the first time..

Thankyou to the Eadie family for providing the raffle prize – Sue Mamacan was delighted with her win.

Congratulations to Jack Cullen, Kristen McAree, Lauren and Cassie Jemmeson and Kyle Druery who did very well at their school swimming carnivals and will be competing at Zone. Also, there were some great surf results last weekend by Hayley Dewar, Justin Riley, Andrew Kennedy and Eliza and Brad Casaceli.

Sandy Connor phoned to say Renee and Brienne have joined a swim club at Jindabyne and have already competed at a swim carnival at Berridale where they had a successful day!

Thankyou to everyone who completed our questionnaire. So far, the results are very close but we still have a few families whose votes are not yet in. Stay tuned for more……

Engadine Level 2 Carnival – 8th February 2003

17 swimmers represented our club at this meet. As always at Engadine, it turned out to be a lovely day for swimming. Our younger swimmers had a successful day in the pool with many Pb’s swum. Liam only entered at the last minute and came away with a medal in the breaststroke. Kristen McAree (11) took more than a second off her 50m Free in a huge Pb and Barbara (10) broke the 35 sec barrier for the first time in her free with a 34.72. Brad Facey (14) lowered his 50m Free and Fly times with a 29.71 and 33.35 respectively. A special mention for Ryan Kishawi who still swam his Open 200m I.M. after Andrew and Matt both withdrew. Congratulations Ryan for a really good swim – we were all very proud of you!

Our thanks go to the Engadine Club and Deidre de Plater for a friendly and well run meet.

7th February 2003

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Josh(11) and Abby(7) Flecknoe who have joined our club for the second half of the summer season. Josh and Abby travel a long way to spend Friday nights with us and we hope you enjoy the rest of the season. Welcome also to their friends, James and Rebecca Flanagan.

Highlights of tonight’s racing included huge I.M. P.B’s by Liam Garland, Lauren Jemmeson, Matt Spence, Ryan Kishawi, Justin Riley, Conor Davis, Kyle Druery, Katelyn Kishawi, Nicholas Garland and Rebecca Kennedy. Many of our 5 and 6 year olds have improved their Breaststroke so much that they are within a second of going up to the 25m distance! Jesse Chamberlain narrowly missed the 13 year 50m Breaststroke record. We will all have to cheer him extra hard next week as this is his last chance before he turns 14.

The official results from the Sans Souci Meet which was held on 1st February have been received. Our swimmers won 27 medals and swam 31 PB’s. The PB figure would probably be greater as a lot of entry times were short course club PB’s. Congratulations to Samantha Quealy and Adam Verrender who both swam 100% PB’s on the day.

Reports from school swimming carnivals are starting to come back and they are really encouraging for our swimmers. Once again, the Woolooware Public School swim team will be largely represented by our club. Matt, Sean, Andrew, Ty, Ryan, Hayley, Holly, Megan, Rebecca, Carly, Brittany, Alyssa, Hannah, Liam and Geoffrey (did we forget anyone?) are all on the Zone team. Tomas, Garry, Dot and Geoff are all attempting to cover as many carnivals as they can to watch you all and encourage you to the next level.

Good luck also to our swimmers at the Sydney Branch Surf Carnival at Coogee on Sunday 9th February.

Sans Souci Swim Meet - 1st February 2003

27 swimmers represented our club at this meet. There were many long course PB’s and even more medals were won. Some of the great swims (and PB’s) included Brad Facey - 50m Fly, Alyssa Quealy - 50m Fly, Rebecca Kennedy - 50m Free, and Jesse Chamberlain - 100m Breast.

The relays were again a highlight. Our 13/under “A” girls relay team – Meagan Cox, Morgan Sara, Ashleigh Tatum and Lara Quealy – won both the Medley and Free relays! That was a great effort ladies. They were well supported by our “B” team – Brittany, Brigitta, Alyssa and Barbara – who picked up minor placings. The 14/over boys – Alex, Brad, Chris and Matt Harden – won silver in the medley relay with Alex swimming a brilliant breaststroke leg. Jesse Chamberlain did exactly the same with a spectacular breaststroke in the 13/under “A” relay where our boys – Matt Spence, Jesse, Andrew and Justin – also came 2nd. It is worth noting that 3 of these boys are only 10 so this was a great result.

An invitational 50m Freestyle event was held during the afternoon In the womens event Lauren Smith and Meagan Cox both qualified and finished 2nd and 5th respectively. Lauren was rewarded with $60 in prizemoney! In the men’s event all our (very vocal) support was thrown behind Grant Rawson – yes, we know he swims for another club but who cares!- and he finished 6th in an absolute splash and dash. There was a great atmosphere pool side as the swimmers were being introduced and again the same when the presentations were made. So a big thank you goes to Sans Souci and the race sponsor – MDI – for organising this event as it really did electrify the afternoon.

And a good time was had by all!

Swimmers of the Month


1st - Alicia Rigby

Runners up - Megan Julian and Cassie Jemmeson (Equal)


1st - Robbie Sharp

Runner up - Rachel Mulhane

Congratulations to all these swimmers.