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December 2002

Last Updated: May 04


Cronulla Swim Club Carnival - Caringbah Pool - 21st Dec 2002

This was our last meet before Christmas and our club was represented by 43 swimmers which was an amazing effort - was it the lure of Christmas chocolates? It was the first outdoor meet we have attended this summer and it was interesting to see how our kids would swim against a strong headwind - or against the tide as it appeared!

For Megan and Holly Julian it was their first ever swimming carnival. Megan was 2nd in the 9 yr 50m Breast and 3rd in the 10/under 100m Breast. Holly(10) also did PB's in her 50m Breast and 50m Free. Congratulations to both of you and we hope you enjoyed your first swimming carnival.

Conor Davis (7) won his 1st swimming medal and Eliza Casaceli celebrated her last few days as a 7 year old by winning 4 medals from 4 events.

Andrew Kennedy had a brilliant swim in the 10/u 100 Free. Andrew led from the start and won the event in 1.14.87 (PB). Matt Spence was 2nd with 1.15.28 (PB).

Morgan Sara had a successful day and once again swam in both the 12/u and Open relays for us. Both relays took out first place! Thank you to Fiona who brought Meagan and Lauren up so that we could field 2 Open Relay teams - our other Open team came 2nd which was a great effort from all our kids.

A summary of the medal winners is as follows:

Chris Brennan 1st 14 yr 100m Breast      
Hannah Buchanan 3rd 9 yr 50m Back      
Eliza Casaceli 1st 7 yr 25m Back      
  Eq. 1st 7 yr 25m Free      
  2nd 7 yr 25m Breast PB    
  3rd 7 yr 25m Fly      
Tom Casaceli 2nd 12 yr 59m Free PB    
  1st 12 yr 100m Breast      
Conor Davis 3rd 7 yr 25m Breast      
Barbara Efremova 2nd 10 yr 50m Free      
  2nd 10 yr 100m Back      
  3rd 10 yr 100m Free      
  3rd 10 yr 50m Back      
Brad Facey 3rd Open 50m Free      
  3rd Open 50m Fly      
Matthew Harden 2nd Open 50m Fly PB    
  3rd 14 yr 100m Back PB    
Keelan Hurst 3rd 7 yr 25m Back PB    
Andrew Kennedy 1st 10 yr 100m Free PB    
  2nd 10 yr 100m Breast      
Rebecca Kennedy 3rd 7 yr 25m Breast      
Brittany King 3rd Open 50m Breast      
  3rd 11 yr 50m Free      
  3rd 11 yr 50m Back      
Cassie Jemmeson 2nd 8 yr 50m Breast PB    
  3rd 8 yr 50m Back      
Erin Jemmeson 3rd Open 50m Back      
Megan Julian 2nd 9 yr 50m Breast PB    
  3rd 10/u 100m Breast      
Lauren McFarlane-Bentley 3rd 12 yr 50m Free      
  2nd 12 yr 100m Breast      
Sean McFarlane-Bentley 2nd 10 yr 50m Back PB    
Ali Plummer 3rd 12 yr 50m Free      
Lara Quealy 1st Open 50m Breast      
  1st 13 yr 100m Free      
Samantha Quealy 2nd 9 yr 50m Back PB    
Justin Riley 2nd 10yr 100m Fly      
Hannah Facey 3rd 11yr 100m Free PB    
Morgan Sara 1st 12 yr 50m Free      
  1st Open 50m Fly PB    
  2nd 12 yr 100m Free PB    
  1st Open 50m Back PB    
Matt Spence 2nd 10 yr 50m Free      
  1st 10 yr 100m Back      
  2nd 10 yr 100m Free PB    
Relays 1st Open Relay - Meagan Cox, Morgan Sara, Lauren Smith, Brad Facey  
  2nd Open Relay - Chris Brennan, Matt Harden, Lara Quealy, Brooke King  
  1st 12/u Relay - Matt Spence, Sean McFarlane-Bentley, Ali Plummer, Morgan Sara  
  3rd 12/u Relay - Andrew Kennedy, Tom Casaceli, Justin Riley, Brittany King  

Congratulations to everyone on a great effort.

Merry Christmas!